Stimulating the body to help the mind.


Effortless improvement.

At Vagus Labs, we are designing systems, devices, and experiences that passively stimulate the cardiovascular system using light, sound, pressure, electrical pulse, and vibration at preferred frequencies.

We have patented methods that can directly improve an individual’s ability to rest and renew, effortlessly. Better living through passive interventions.

Our Story

We are a team of scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers driven by the belief that technology can help us be happier and healthier by changing our environment and that a new frontier in healthcare is moving out of the laboratory and into peoples’ lives.

Fred Muench & Steven Dean, Co-Founders

Fred & Steve met in 2010 at NYU’s ITP program and discovered that they shared a common interest in designing new technology to help people in passive and non-invasive ways to improve their health and well-being.

Excited by the new work being done in environmental engineering, light therapy, and neurotech, they started to explore new ways to use technology to help people.

Vagus Labs was started with an article on the potential of these types of passive interventions to offer significant promise towards promoting health and wellness for a wide range of individuals. What’s the Frequency Kenneth?, on Medium.